david hubeny

partner organisation

City of Genk (B)


+32 (0)89 65 44 25



role in sun project

As Store Street Manager and Consultant Trade and Horeca I’m responsible for the executive tasks concerning action 3.  The goal of all of the actions en initiatives is to restore the image of the Vennestraat.  This means to take in consideration the existing commercial activities, the trends, the identity of the street and the projects (like the expand of C-Mine) which will have a serious impact on the Vennestraat.  These are the most important goals:

  • Participation and integration of the non domestic traders in existing interest groups;
  • Increase of the quality at the shops owned by non domestic people to enlarge the client potential;
  • Innovative projects to increase the image of the existing trade and horeca;
  • Restrictive an stimulating measures to encourage the functional quality of the trade;
  • Communication considering the link between the Vennestraat and C-Mine;
  • Attracting new trade activities to increase the street’s image;

This will be done by the concept of "Street of Senses", which means :

  • Seeing: upgrading the streets, buildings, street furniture, street lights, landscapes, flags, ...
  • Tasting and Smelling: food as a central theme
  • Hear and Feel: music, southern ambiance of the people shopping and drinking/eating on a terrace