Christine RUELLE

Partner Organisation

LEMA - University of Liège


+32 (0)4 12 34 56, +32 (0)4 366 95 61


Role in SUN project

Christine Ruelle is a Senior Researcher at LEMA-ULg. She participated in several European and regional researches relating on management of urban environments and inter alia on community involvement in this context. Specific topics for these were: consideration of cultural heritage in environmental impact assessment procedures, effect of landscape quality in brownfield site regeneration and local development, post-evaluation of urban lighting master plans. Her personal research is dedicated to the question of innovation in the field of urban development and management.

She is the coordinator for the overall SUN project. She also leads the SUN platform, with the aim of developing a long-term euregional learning network on sustainable urban neighbourhoods. Finally she leads the Greenery action, aimed at supporting the SUN neighbourhoods in the improvement of their landscape and environmental quality.