Johannes Burggraef

Partner organisation

PROJEKTPLAN – Wirtschafts- und Regionalberatung


+49 (0)241/406 111


Role in the SUN project

Johannes Burggraef is founder and managing director of PROJEKTPLAN – Wirtschafts- und Regionalberatung (Regional affairs and business consultants). PROJEKTPLAN has been operating as an independent agency in the field of consulting, conception and realisation of projects since 1993. These projects deal with the topics regional development, advancement of business and locations, strategies for the labour market as well as operative modernisation in SME.
Johannes Burggraef is political scientist and economist and has good experiences in carrying out projects and measures for establishing integrated strategies on the level of regional and local business development.

In Eupen-Unterstadt he is the coordinator for economic development. PROJEKTPLAN is partner of the KreaScientia – Team.