LEMA (Local Environment Management & Analysis) – University of Liege



Role in the SUN project

LEMA-ULg coordinates the overall SUN project. LEMA is therefore responsible for administrative and financial coordination and reporting, and for the organisation of project communication and events. In terms of content, LEMA is responsible for ensuring a genuine coherence between the various actions planned in the SUN project. As such, it logically leads the SUN platform, which is the transversal research-action at the core of the SUN project, between the four concrete and interrelated actions to be implemented in the SUN neighbourhoods (Economy, Greenery, Energy, Community). LEMA is finally leading the Greenery action, taking advantage of its skills in planning and management of urban environments.

Project persons

  • Christine Ruelle
  • Maryse Jadoul
  • Jacques Teller
  • Céline Genette
  • (Jo-David Goergen)
  • (Brigitte Mathu)