fabienne coumanne

partner organisation

City of Liège (B)


+32 (0)4 221 93 45



role in sun project

Fabienne Coumanne is Energy Advisor at the City of Liège.  As such, differents topics are part of her job : information towards the  City's employees for a (more) rational use of energy within the city's buildings, collaboration with the City's architects/project leaders for the renovation projects,  information toward the citizens about how to reduce their energy invoices, how to improve their house's energy performances by using appropriate techniques, how to take profit of the different allowances (granted by the Walloon Region or the Belgian state), inspection of the energy part of the citizen's construction projects (to check if their project meets the technical and legal requirements).
Within the SUN project (action 5 energy), her time is dedicated to helping citizens with their energy invoices, energy renovations (isolating their houses for example) and giving advices to reduce their daily use of energy