Christoph Küpper

Partner Organisation

Fachhochschule Aachen


+32 (0)412 34 56, +49 (0)241 470 58 21


Role in SUN project

Christoph Küpper works at the Fachhochschule Aachen as a researcher for the SUN-project. He is an urban planner and has specialized skills in town development, urban management and marketing. Due to his long experience he made during a town-management-project in the city of Eupen, he has profound knowledges about Eupen, the urban and social structure and existing key persons.

In the SUN-Project, Christoph Küpper does researches about innovative projects in the field of sustainable town development, town renewal and relating collective processes especially in germany, which could be interesting for the other SUN-Partners. He assists Prof. Dietmar Castro in observing and supporting the SUN-process in the city of Eupen.