Dirk Knapen

Partner organisation

Steunpunt DuBoLimburg


+32 (0)11 79 97 62
mobile +32 (0)475 86 01 64



Role in the SUN project

Dirk Knapen is an advisor for sustainable building and living at DuBo, Steunpunt Duurzaam Bouwen Limburg. Initially trained as a product developer his interest eventually turned to energy and climate. Dirk had been working for eight years on energy and climate issues at Bond Beter Leefmilieu, the federation of the environment movement in Flanders. Amongst others he organized open house days in low energy houses and worked with groups of people in need. During information sessions on the liberalisation of the energy market he was struck by the problems people in need have with paying and even getting access to energy. Since then he has been dedicated to helping people with sustainable access to energy.

In the SUN project he will coordinate the energy renovation action. He will be able to introduce his experience in the field into the project.