ICIS (International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable development) – Maastricht University



Role in the SUN project

ICIS is a scientific 'centre of excellence' related to the integrated assessment of sustainable development, including issues of governance and innovation. As such, ICIS contributes notably to the Euregional SUN platform (action 2) and the task of communication (action 7). Specific tasks include the development of a common definition for a Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood and the development of several case studies highlighting best practices in sustainable urban development. On behalf of action 2, ICIS is teamed-up with the case study area MSP in Heerlen, and will monitor and support the various activities employed there. Moreover, ICIS contributes to the development of the action 2 evaluation framework and exchange platform. To this end, ICIS focuses on the issue of monitoring sustainable urban development, and the facilitation of knowledge exchange through a learning networks perspective.

Project persons