COS-Limburg (Centre of International cooperation)


Role in the SUN project

COS Limburg enhances Dutch public support for a sustainable and just world by involving citizens of Limburg in activities for international cooperation and discussions about global issues, especially where there are implications for our own society such as migration, cultural differences, tolerance, integration and local poverty.

COS Netherlands encourages Dutch citizens to form opinions and take decisions from a global perspective. We stimulate awareness and changes in lifestyle that contribute to a more just and sustainable world, and we support and foster activities in the area of international cooperation. Some speak in this respect of policies based on a balance of social, ecological and economic aspects (People, Planet, Profit). Others use the slogan: “Think globally, act locally”.

COS-Limburg the action leader of action 6; Social Cohesion en Integration.
They will organise three exchanges for professionals on the Euregional level,  monitor the implementation of the innovative projects in each neighbourhoods and monitor four community exchanges on the Euregional level.
They are also part of  action 2 the SUN Platform to share knowledge and improve the Euregional expertise on improving the sustainability and livability of deprived urban neighborhoods, in order to develop a coherent and coordinated Euregional strategy for the regeneration of these neighborhoods.

Project persons

  • Ronald Kohnen
  • Jasper Wichers
  • Hanan Maazouzi
  • Tineke Beek