Carmelita Lindemann

Partner organisation

Volkshochschule Aachen


+49 (0) 241/47.92.227


Role in the SUN project

Leading partner SUN – Quartier mit Zukunft, Action 2 (Platform) and Action 6 (Community)

Interests and detailed role in the SUN project

Carmelita Lindemann is a social scientist and historian. She is well-acquainted with developments in the Euregional partner cities and especially with the shaping of urban district development in Aachen-Ost. Her role is to organise, conceptualise and develop the actions of the City of Aachen on the topics of history and historical awareness as a driving force for the integration of migrants. The actions use various channels of communication. An exhibition will address the general population of Aachen; teaching materials will be developed for distribution to schools.

Carmelita Lindemann is responsible for the coordination of Action 2 and Action 6.