Carijn Beumer

Partner Organisation

ICIS (International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable development) - Maastricht University


+31 (0)43 388 39 43


Role in SUN project

Carijn Beumer works as a PhD researcher at ICIS, Maastricht University. Her research concerns the question how communication and understanding between stakeholders on biodiversity conservation can be improved to reach an effective and sustainable global biodiversity strategy in a changing world. She assesses the perspectives, or worldviews, that underlie various conservation strategies. Therefore she needs to move flexibly between various disciplines such as ecology, sociology, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology and communication theories. Integrating theories, research methodologies and tools to the context-specific needs of a complex topic Carijn considers to be one of the most interesting challenges of her job.

In the SUN project these integrative qualities are valuable as well. Carijn works as a researcher in Action 2. She is involved in linking together pieces of knowledge, best practices and inspiration as an input for the SUN neighbourhoods. Her specific field of interest is in urban ecology and innovative ‘urban’ approaches in sustaining biodiversity.