Ville de Verviers


Role in the SUN project

The City of Verviers is one of the five cities that are currently involved in the SUN project. Verviers has decided to join the project with Hodimont which is a neighbourhood that has an industrial and flourishing past.

The quality of life in the neighbourhood has been shrinking in the last thirty years. The SUN project’s goal is to bring back a sustainable way of life in Hodimont.

Project persons

  • Frédéric BISSCHOPS
  • Cécile VAUCHEL
  • Sophie DEMELENNE
  • François HALBARDIER
  • Ahmed KABBOURI
  • Myriam LEMORT
  • Catherine MASSOZ
  • Grégory MERCIER
  • Laurent MONSEUR
  • Marie-Paule MULLENDER
  • Bruno POSKIN