Town of Eupen


Role in the SUN project

The town of Eupen is situated in the German speaking eastern part of Belgium and is the capital of the German speaking community. Eupen counts about 18,500 inhabitants and consists of various quarters: upper and lower town and the village of Kettenis. The SUN project is concerned with the lower town, which encompasses about 5,500 inhabitants. Because of its industrious past – textile industry – and present-day the cable works, this part of town is considered as a working people quarter.

As ever more young people settle in the new lodging quarters at the outskirts, a negative development has become visible in the lower town, which shows itself in unoccupied lodging and business houses.
Nevertheless, the lower town is an attractive place at the confluence of Weser and Hill and on the border of the High Fens.

By participating in the different actions of the SUN project, the town of Eupen hopes to stop this negative trend and to turn the lower town again into an attractive place of living and doing business.

Project persons

  • Ralph Rozein
  • Werner Xhonneux
  • Daniel Niessen
  • Nadia Reinartz
  • Christian Collard
  • Mario Pitz
  • Manuel Staner
  • Jean-Pierre Debey
  • Bettina Evertz
  • Johannes Burggraef (Projektplan)
  • Rita Darboven (KreaScientia)