Role in the SUN project

Eco'Hom is a non profit organisation working for the promotion of eco-renovation: renovation taking in consideration Energy, Environment and Health. The team is made up of Architects,  Eco-adviser, Project coordinators and a Secretary.

Among Eco'hom's severals activities, it organize guide tours of eco-renovated show building located in Liège (St-Léonard), trainings, conferences and various animations about eco-renovation. Thanks to their skills in this domain, the architects realize energetic audits accredited by Walloon Region. As well, they give individualized energy guidance.

In addition to isolation and heating, Eco'Hom gives advices about humidity, « thermal bridges », airtightness, environmental and health factors...

Project persons

  • Bernadette Leemans
  • Dieudonné Lequarré
  • Vincent Wattelet