The objective of the SUN project is to engage seven urban neighbourhoods of the Meuse-Rhine Euregio in a sustainable development dynamics. These neighbourhoods, with their industrial era legacies, are characterised not only by important challenges to be faced, but also by many assets, if sustainable development is not limited to its energy dimension, and also economic and societal dimensions are considered. Around these seven pilot districts and their 65,000 residents, seven cities, five academic partners, and many players of the associative and economic world are involved. SUN has voluntarily been constructed as a cross-disciplinary and multi-level research-action, at the interface of cities, academics, citizens and private society. What is it that brings all these players together? The feeling that the urban neighbourhoods represent an important potential for the development of our cities.So let's listen to them and support them in this adventure!

The SUN project is financed by the Interreg IVa programm in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine