Liège – St-Léonard

The St-Léonard neighbourhood extends between the Meuse and the slopes of the Citadel, a stone’s throw from the historical heart of Liege. It rapidly developed during the 19th century, with the industrial boom, but then felt the full force of industrial decline, reason for which it has been the subject of special attention from the regional and local authorities since the end of the nineties. The district, which has more than 12,000 residents, is still however experiencing regeneration difficulties, as well as socio-economic ones. Nevertheless, it has many assets and local resources, which could be better mobilised within a sustainable development dynamics.

Operational Team

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2009-10-22 | Sun Energy Challenge

Presentation of the SUN energy challenge, “Défi énergie”, by Dieudonné Lequarré (EcoHom) et Dirk Knapen (DuBoLimburg) at Saint-Léonard (Liège) neighbourhood committee meeting.

2009-09-17 | SUN Energy Challenge

Training session on Rational Use of Energy for local SUN partners (15 persons) in St-Léonard / Eco'Hom organisation, including visit of dwellings representative of the buildings in Hodimont and St-Léonard.

2009-05-09 | SUN at the 'Little Green Market' of St-Leonard neighbourhood.

The SUN project team took part to the 'Little Green Market' of St-Léonard neighbourhood, where it held a stand presenting the various actions of the project. It was a good opportunity of establishing a first contact with the inhabitants of the district and of identifying the people interested by an active participation to the project.