Liège – St-Léonard

The St-Léonard neighbourhood extends between the Meuse and the slopes of the Citadel, a stone’s throw from the historical heart of Liege. It rapidly developed during the 19th century, with the industrial boom, but then felt the full force of industrial decline, reason for which it has been the subject of special attention from the regional and local authorities since the end of the nineties. The district, which has more than 12,000 residents, is still however experiencing regeneration difficulties, as well as socio-economic ones. Nevertheless, it has many assets and local resources, which could be better mobilised within a sustainable development dynamics.

Operational Team

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2010-06-04 | Visit to Green Roofs

Organisation of visits to green roofs in Liège, Venlo and Valkenburg and meeting with the architects and contractors from the quarters Saint-Léonard and Hodimont.

For more informations about the objectives of these visits, clic HERE

2010-05-28 | Drink for Traders in St Léonard

Supported by the SUN project, a new traders committee was created in the St Léonard quarter. On 28 May, they organised a convivial meet-up with drinks to which all traders and customers from the quarter were invited. It was a resounding success!

2010-05-27 | Kick-off for ISOL'Action in St-Léonard.

This Thursday evening, the ISOL'Action initiative was presented to the neighbourhood committee. All owners of the district are invite to participate to collective purchasing of energy audits or various types of insulation works (insulation of outer walls, roof insulation and greening, insufflation of floors). A folder (french) was edited in order to broadly communicate this initiative, which is also distributed in all letter boxes of the district.

2010-01-15 | Vegetaliz'action

Beginning of January 2010 were launched both in Hodimont (Verviers) and St-Leonard (Liège) calls for collective projects for greening the public spaces of the neighbourhoods. These calls were addressed to inhabitants, associations, shopkeepers, companies and schools of the neighbourhoods. The objective is to improve, together, the environmental and lanscape quality of these neighbourhoods which are perceived as very "grey".

2009-11-01 | Community Survey in St-Léonard

A community survey was carried out from 19/10/09 to 31/11/09 in order to identify the needs of the users of St-Léonard neighbourhood in terms of local amenities. More than 500 persons participated ! This work will help to orientate in an appropriate manner the development of future activities in the neighbourhood.