Heerlen - MSP

The MSP (Meezenbroek, Schaesbergerveld, Palemig) neighbourhood of Heerlen is situated in the former Limburg mining region and has almost 6,000 residents. In addition, population is shrinking and rate of elderly people is rising  Its socio-economic and spatial characteristics are complex. This is recognized by the Dutch government which, for a few years now, has appointed MSP as a “Vogelaar neighbourhood”, i.e. a district with “positive discrimination”. More concretely, additional investments will be implemented there the next years.   The facilities will be centralised, the housing market restructured and the socio-economic problems tackled. The strong connection of the residents with their neighbourhood, its location nearby the centre of Heerlen and its green environment offer promising opportunities in terms of sustainable development.

Operational Team

  • Judy Saget-van Aken
  • Gerdo van Grootheest
  • Roel Meertens
  • Hans Van der Logt
  • Leo Peters
  • Mahender Autar

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