Genk – North-west District

The north-western portion of the city of Genk includes the three former mining sites of Zwartberg, Waterschei and Winterslag. This area includes the neighbourhoods of Zwartberg, Nieuwe Kempen, Waterschei, Nieuw Texas, Boxbergheide and Winterslag, in all approximately 23,000 residents. The population of this part of the city is highly diversified. It is faced with various problems such as low level of education, considerable unemployment, a weakening of its social cohesion, and increased segregation and degradation. Moreover, the commercial and socio-cultural infrastructures are under pressure. At this time, the consequences of the mine closures are still clearly visible. In order to resolve these problems, the City of Genk is conducting an urban development policy. This encompasses educational support projects, employment- and training-related projects and a great number of district facilitation initiatives (youth clubs, neighbourhood centres, and so on). Similarly, the public domain has not been forgotten and a considerable amount of investment is planned.

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2009-10-01 | SUN Energy Challange

Presentation by Michaël Dhoore (aldermen of the City of Genk), Dirk Habils (City of Genk) and Dirk Knapen (DuBoLimburg) at an information session on the plans of the city with the aerial infrared picture of the city of Genk, on the SUN-project and its activities and on buying groups for roof insulation.

2009-08-27 | Startmeeting Greenery

Startmeeting with several neighbourhood groups concerning the greening project in Genk: presentation of the SUN project by Dirk Habils (City of Genk) and discussion on the strategy.