AAchen - EAst

Urban districts change their faces, Once desirable and vibrant residential and working districts may lose their positive image in the course of time. A good example is the Aachen-Ost neighbourhood. In the 19th century, during the early stages of industrialisation, it quickly developed into a favoured location for cloth and needle manufacturers. It boasted a steelworks that was considered innovative in its time, and numerous supply industries. Aachen-Ost was always a mixed living and working neighbourhood, with domestic residences being build alongside industrial and commercial premises.
But life in Aachen-Ost has changed, especially in recent years. Today, the district is considered to be a structurally weak area. However, parallel to the general loss of economic significance, the neighbourhood has acquired a new character through the increased influx of people from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds. Today, Aachen-Ost is a multi-cultural neighbourhood. The history of these migrants needs to be examined and communicated. In this way, their history of migration can contribute substantially to the integration and identity of these people.

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