In order to identify the most relevant lines of action for the neighbourhoods, a preliminary reflexion was conducted with the cities, during the project preparation. This reflexion took into consideration the diagnosis and data available on the different neighbourhoods. Indeed, most of them were already subject to specific public policies, and had therefore been subject to detailed analyses and/or concrete regeneration actions. The SUN project thus takes place in an ongoing regeneration process, with a double objective: to strengthen it and to ensure its sustainability.

The lines of action identified through this preliminary reflexion are:

Concrete actions and investments will be experimented for each line of action, in the urban neighbourhoods.Nevertheless, their exact definition will be subject to discussion with local actors and neighbourhood inhabitants. Although these actions relate to different sectorial policies, one will look to coordinate them, the benefits for the neighbourhood and its inhabitants being the key for this coordination.

In addition, although they will be conducted on a local level, these actions are part of a common reflexion conducted at the level of the network of euregional cities, since one of the SUN project’s objectives is also to strengethen exchanges and synergies about the management and development of the Euregio’s urban environments. This is the object of the “SUN platform”.