Despite the many subsidies and support to renovation offered by the public authorities, it has to be said that the existing urban districts’ building fabric is being renovated slowly and with difficulty. The SUN project will consequently experiment with another type of intervention, which is based more on the group dynamics, given that this could be an interesting lever for inducing behavioural change.  As a first stage, energy challenges will be organized in the various districts, in order not only to conduct a first wave of raising awareness of the energy question, but also to establish preferential contact with groups of residents. These initiatives should already enable a certain public awareness in relation to energy use to be induced. As a second stage, it will be a question of guiding candidate groups of residents towards a renovation approach, and in particular, towards the insulation of their housing.

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DuBoLimburg (Belgium)

Operational Team

Energy savings - presentation film

2009-10-01 | SUN Energy Challange

Presentation by Michaël Dhoore (aldermen of the City of Genk), Dirk Habils (City of Genk) and Dirk Knapen (DuBoLimburg) at an information session on the plans of the city with the aerial infrared picture of the city of Genk, on the SUN-project and its activities and on buying groups for roof insulation.

2009-09-17 | SUN Energy Challenge

Training session on Rational Use of Energy for local SUN partners (15 persons) in St-Léonard / Eco'Hom organisation, including visit of dwellings representative of the buildings in Hodimont and St-Léonard.