Economic development of the urban neighbourhoods can be activated by various levers: endogenous development (creation of activities by local resources, and especially by migrant populations, hosting and support of such activities); territorial marketing (image and development theme enhancement); improvement of the urban environmental quality (which inevitably influences a territory’s capacity to attract residents and companies). Thus, district development involves a collection of complementary activities and dynamics, in which every economic and urban management player has a role to play. But can the actions of these various players be co-ordinated so that they contribute to a development strategy that is appropriate and beneficial for each district? The SUN project, via the experiments that it will be conducting, will try to provide some answers to these questions.

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City of Liege (Belgium)

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2010-01-07 | Conference SUN Economy - Liège

The economic development of urban neighbourhoods

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2009-11-01 | Community Survey in St-Léonard

A community survey was carried out from 19/10/09 to 31/11/09 in order to identify the needs of the users of St-Léonard neighbourhood in terms of local amenities. More than 500 persons participated ! This work will help to orientate in an appropriate manner the development of future activities in the neighbourhood.