Neither inter-cultural nor inter-generational exchanges are ever straightforward within urban neighbourhoods. The social workers of the various districts are going, in the context of the SUN project, to experiment with innovative actions in terms of social integration, which will be the subject of regular exchanges, in order to identify the most relevant means of reinforcing social cohesion within the urban districts. A research will also be carried out on the history of immigration within the Euregio, in order to make inhabitants aware that they have a common history. Furthermore, the SUN project’s euregional dimension will enable the organization of exchanges between the residents of the different districts, which should not only enable mutual learning, but also offer an opening towards the outside world and a reinforcement of Euro-regional consciousness.

Leader of this action

COS-Limburg (Netherlands)

Operational Team

2009-06-27 | Presentation of the SUN project at 'Verviers in Colour'

The SUN project team held a stand at the occasion of this high colour neighbourhood party which is organised each year in the Hodimont district. It allowed to establish a first contact with the local inhabitants and associations of the neighbourhood but also to start raising awareness amongst the young and less young people about the issue of sustainable development.

2009-05-09 | SUN at the 'Little Green Market' of St-Leonard neighbourhood.

The SUN project team took part to the 'Little Green Market' of St-Léonard neighbourhood, where it held a stand presenting the various actions of the project. It was a good opportunity of establishing a first contact with the inhabitants of the district and of identifying the people interested by an active participation to the project.