‘Homeless: exiled in Turkey 1933-1945’ and ‘Shared memories’

These two excellent exhibitions, organised as part of the SUN ‘Districts with a future’ project, were held from 12 March to 4 April 2011 at the Aachen further education college and needle factory. Both exhibitions were open in parallel on 12 March. The guests invited to attend the event first gathered at the Aachen further education college for the opening of the exhibition ‘Homeless: exiled in Turkey 1933-1945’. College Director, Mr Werner Niepenberg, welcomed the 50 or so guests and then, after a few more short speeches, the guests were invited to take a look around the exhibition in their own time. Next, the guests were taken by bus to the needle factory for the opening of the 'Shared memories' exhibition. The guests received another warm welcome, this time from the exhibition curator, Dr Lindemann, who said a few words before leaving the guests to look around the exhibition, have a bite to eat and socialise with one another. Several events, including talks and films on the topic of migration, were also organised in conjunction with the exhibition. These events were a fantastic success thanks to the passion shown by the speakers and the interesting points raised by the audience.