Sustainable economic plan for unterstadt

The town of Eupen has commissioned the company Projektplan to develop a sustainable economic plan for the retail trade location Unterstadt. The need for such a plan emerged whilst working on this area of activity and especially from the shoppers’ survey on local amenities last year.   

In order to assess the current provision in Unterstadt, over the next few weeks staff from Projektplan will make a record of the retail businesses in Unterstadt and questionnaires will be distributed to retailers to assess the town centre retail situation.

Alongside this, in April/May 2011, residents will be surveyed about local amenities, but not at the weekly market like last summer. Instead, residents of Unterstadt will be briefly interviewed outside shops. For, as examples from other towns have shown, only with solid data can the town take targeted action and optimise the general conditions, for example, for bringing in new businesses. However, the survey is also of use to business people as it provides them with information on how their product mix and range is perceived or how it could be improved. Despite all efforts, however, expectations should not be too high because no-one can improve the local amenities in Unterstadt overnight. Ultimately, even the smallest step will help improve quality of life.

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