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2010-10-19 | Window purchase group

This event is organised in 2 steps.

Session1 : the participants receive information about the techniques for replacing high-performance window glass or frames. Next, 3 selected contractors set out the specifics. At the end of this session, each participant can ask for 1 estimate.

Session 2 : the speakers bring their estimates and submit their questions to the “neutral” expert, the contractors and an energy consultant.

For more info read the following (french) leaflet

2010-05-27 | Kick-off for ISOL'Action in St-Léonard.

This Thursday evening, the ISOL'Action initiative was presented to the neighbourhood committee. All owners of the district are invite to participate to collective purchasing of energy audits or various types of insulation works (insulation of outer walls, roof insulation and greening, insufflation of floors). A folder (french) was edited in order to broadly communicate this initiative, which is also distributed in all letter boxes of the district.

2009-11-12 | SUN Energy Challenge

Information meeting and call for participation to the SUN energy challenge “Energie Wettbewerb” by Dirk Knapen (DuBoLimburg) to action 5 participation group in Eupen

2009-10-22 | Sun Energy Challenge

Presentation of the SUN energy challenge, “Défi énergie”, by Dieudonné Lequarré (EcoHom) et Dirk Knapen (DuBoLimburg) at Saint-Léonard (Liège) neighbourhood committee meeting.

2009-10-10 | SUN Energy Challenge

Public presentation of SUN project in Eupen by city officials and Dirk Knapen (DuBoLimburg) at the occasion of an open day at the neighbourhood house in Eupen Understadt. Dissemination of flyers presenting the SUN project amongst inhabitants and identification of people interested in the project.