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2009-10-22 | Sun Energy Challenge

Presentation of the SUN energy challenge, “Défi énergie”, by Dieudonné Lequarré (EcoHom) et Dirk Knapen (DuBoLimburg) at Saint-Léonard (Liège) neighbourhood committee meeting.

2009-10-10 | SUN Energy Challenge

Public presentation of SUN project in Eupen by city officials and Dirk Knapen (DuBoLimburg) at the occasion of an open day at the neighbourhood house in Eupen Understadt. Dissemination of flyers presenting the SUN project amongst inhabitants and identification of people interested in the project.

2009-10-01 | SUN Energy Challange

Presentation by Michaël Dhoore (aldermen of the City of Genk), Dirk Habils (City of Genk) and Dirk Knapen (DuBoLimburg) at an information session on the plans of the city with the aerial infrared picture of the city of Genk, on the SUN-project and its activities and on buying groups for roof insulation.

2009-09-29 | Climate module DPL

Contribution by Pieter Valkering (University Maastricht) as an advisor to the workshop 'Climate module DPL' at the Province of Limburg. The workshop adressed the further development of the sustainability monitoring tool DPL (IVAM UvA BV) requested by the Province of Limburg.

2009-09-29 | Lifelong learning Networks

Conference paper entitled “LIFELONG LEARNING NETWORKS FOR SUSTAINABLE REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT” to which contributed Christine Ruelle (LEMA-ULg) and Pieter Valkering (University Maastricht), which was presented at the Lüneburg Workshop on Environmental and Sustainability Communication “Communication and learning in networks – Potentials and challenges for environmental sustainability”.