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2010-01-15 | Vegetaliz'action

Beginning of January 2010 were launched both in Hodimont (Verviers) and St-Leonard (Liège) calls for collective projects for greening the public spaces of the neighbourhoods. These calls were addressed to inhabitants, associations, shopkeepers, companies and schools of the neighbourhoods. The objective is to improve, together, the environmental and lanscape quality of these neighbourhoods which are perceived as very "grey".

2010-01-07 | Conference SUN Economy - Liège

The economic development of urban neighbourhoods

tags Economy

2010-01-07 | SUN goes online

The SUN projectteam is proud to present the brand new, modern and dynamic website over the project. Enjoy discovering and surfing.

2009-11-12 | SUN Energy Challenge

Information meeting and call for participation to the SUN energy challenge “Energie Wettbewerb” by Dirk Knapen (DuBoLimburg) to action 5 participation group in Eupen

2009-11-01 | Community Survey in St-Léonard

A community survey was carried out from 19/10/09 to 31/11/09 in order to identify the needs of the users of St-Léonard neighbourhood in terms of local amenities. More than 500 persons participated ! This work will help to orientate in an appropriate manner the development of future activities in the neighbourhood.