prevention service

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City of Verviers


+32 (0)87 35 37 25


role in sun project

The Prevention Service is a social service of the City of Verviers whose main job is based on, on one hand, the strategic plan for safety and prevention of the SPF Interieur and, on the other hand, the social cohesion plan of the Walloon Region.
The Prevention Service actions are part of a politic of integrated and coherent prevention on the area of Verviers focused on development, empowerment, education, integration, respect for differences, solidarity, mutual assistance, mediation in order to meet individual interests and community ones.
The Prevention Service is mainly dedicated to people who have poor access to existing resources and services and to people experiencing social exclusion.
By actions of appeasement, it is also dedicated to the entire population seeking a better life inside the neighbourhoods.
Its actions may target individuals, groups and can take place in one or several neighbourhoods.