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Role in the SUN project

Dieudonné, architect, works for Eco'Hom, a non-profit organisation responsible of SUN Energy action in Liège and Verviers. He organizes in practical terms the global strategy on Energy action in St-Léonard and Hodimont.

As a coordinator, he's working with several partners of concerned cities.
As a terrain actor he's working with local organisms, actors and inhabitants to introduce the SUN energy activities within the neighbourhoods.

Our actions are founded by the following question :
“ How to reduce the inhabitants energy consumptions of affected neighbourhoods without direct payment for them? ”

The first aim is to involve inhabitants in the process of energy reduction and train them to use non-safe energy in a better way or safe energy.  The starting point to save energy is to know our real consumptions and why we are paying...

A second aim is to convince inhabitants of the real necessity of building's insulation.