Steunpunt DuBoLimburg


Role in the SUN project

Steunpunt DuBoLimburg is lead-partner for action 5 energy renovation of residential buildings. DuBoLimburg is therefore responsible for the coordination of the energy saving activities in the participating cities. As a centre for support of sustainable construction, DuBoLimburg has lots of experience in informing and stimulating people to reduce the energy demand of their dwelling.

The main goal of the project is to improve the energy performance of at least 200 houses in the participating neighbourhoods. This implicates inhabitants will have to be stimulated and supported. As a first stage energy challenges will be organized in the neighbourhoods. This will raise awareness about energy and allow short-term inhabitants and low-income owners and tenants to participate. This initial contact will allow DuBoLimburg and EcoHom, leading the energy renovation activities in Liège and Verviers, to guide and support groups of inhabitants in the energy renovation of their homes. 

Project persons

  • Dirk Knapen
  • Nathalie Grauls